Lockdown listening 2: Inside The Receipts podcast

Lockdown listening 2: Inside The Receipts podcast

Need something to listen to during lockdown? No problem, let Music Week recommend some key podcasts. Here, co-host Tolani Shoneye explains why culture and lifestyle podcast The Receipts has attracted some of the hottest names in music and seen support from BBC 1Xtra and Spotify...

What impact has The Receipts had since you started it?

Tolani Shoneye: “Since its launch in 2016, the podcast has grown in ways we did not expect, in under three years it has reached over five million listens. But the impact has not only been in the listens, the biggest impact has been the sisterhood built off the podcast. Speaking our truths has allowed other people who listen to speak their own truths. We have built a, ‘You can sit with us, and everyone is welcome’ attitude and space, so that’s been the biggest impact. That and the fact that we have told women to leave crappy relationships. Our podcast allows us to tell our individual stories. It is not concerned with a set format or perfection, The Receipts Podcast wants its audience to feel like they are a part of the conversation, rather than being talked at. With Yxng Bane, the interview was so much fun and we got him to open up more than he normally would. One Acen was great, he did a Your Receipts with us and he was so good at answering dilemmas and gave such good, well, goodish advice. And Ms Banks, who we all love so much, was hilarious and has the most soothing voice. We spoke about relationship, star signs, cheating exes and she even entertained a rap battle that we made her judge.”

What are your goals for it going forward?

“The goals are just to get bigger and bigger, and make sure everyone and their nan is listening to the podcast. We can fit the show into so many different formats, live, TV, so much can be done. It’s always so hard thinking of the goals, because the podcast grew so much faster than we thought, we always say it’s like we’re catching up and getting used to dreaming bigger. Now this is a big ask but, in the vein of dreaming big, we would love to get Michelle Obama on the podcast, that would be amazing and Jenifer Lewis would be great too. Beyoncé, Rihanna and Drake of course, Charlamagne Tha God, Cardi B, Jordyn Woods (because we can be messy and we want all the Kardashian tea) and Gemma Collins for the laughs.”

What did your association with BBC 1Xtra do for you?

“Working with 1Xtra was amazing for us, not only did it open us up to a new audience, but it gave us a level of credibility. It meant we could bring conversations we were having into the mainstream. It also meant that our parents finally knew what we were doing, because we were on the BBC – it was the first time we had a team outside of just us three, we had an amazing producer and social media manager. Being on 1Xtra also allowed us to reach No.1 in the UK podcast charts, making it the first podcast produced and hosted by women of colour to reach No.1.”

You’ve also signed an exclusive deal with Spotify…

“It’s great and even more so because Spotify have invested in us. We are now exclusive to Spotify and having backing from them is so exciting. It means that podcasts are being taken seriously in the UK. It shows that Spotify believes that podcasts are an incredible and unique medium in their own right. Making the podcast each week is so much fun and we’ve worked really hard to get to where we are today. So, for Spotify to welcome us into the Spotify Original family and want to be part of our journey just shows that The Receipts Podcast is not just for shits and giggles. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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